What is On Page SEO? How to do on-page SEO

What is On-Page SEO? How to do on-page SEO


If you are a blogger or you choose to research blogging, if you do no longer have sufficient understanding about different pages, you will now not be in a position to without difficulty be part of your internet site on the first web page of Google. For this, we do web page SEO.


What is on-page SEO?

On-page search engine optimization is to write some phrases in the pages of your internet site and write in such a way that Google ranks your publish based totally on that word.

For example, how to supply the title and heading of your post, how to use the image, the whole thing falls into on web page search engine optimization (on-page SEO).


Nowadays if you do not do suitable on-page search engine optimization then the internet site will no longer hyperlink to google and you will no longer get any visitors from google.

Not simply google however many different search engines from which you can get site visitors however for this you have to do on-page search engine marketing very well.


How to do on-page SEO?

On web page SEO, you will sign to google that when anyone searches for this phrase on google, my internet site must exhibit google.

Or in different words, you are writing the submit on this topic, so if anyone searches for something like that, then my internet site needs to be shown.


So I have shared the techniques of search engine optimization ON the web page via the factors below.

1. Intention

This is a very essential issue. This subject matter is vital and if you keep away from this subject then the put up will no longer exhibit in Google search. On Page SEO


Purpose skill what you are writing the publish for. And your motive will be equal to the cause of those who will search on Google, then your submission will rank in Google.

For example, believe a man or woman searches on Google, “Facebook login” capability that the character is looking out on Google to login to Facebook.

The motive of the character right here is that he will solely go to Facebook’s website.

But if you write a publish about Facebook login, your publish will no longer rank, even if you rank, you will now not get traffic.

Because the motive right here is to log in to Facebook and nothing else.

Another instance is if you search on Google for “windows running gadget (windows working system)”.

The motive of this search is to discover out about Windows working system. And Google is familiar with it well.

So google will exhibit your record about windows. By analyzing this you can research a lot about Windows.

But if you choose to promote a Windows running device with this keyword to write Windows working machine then this publish will now not rank. On-Page SEO

This is due to the fact the cause of that keyword is to search for data about Windows or to buy.

That’s why when you write a post, the reason of those who will search for that put up needs to fit the motive of your writing.

And if you are writing towards what the traffic wants, then your internet site will be ranked. If site visitors do not like it, your internet site will be eliminated from google again.

Suppose you prefer to promote Windows working device in key-word about Windows working system. But traffic desire to recognize greater about Windows.

Then the person will now not like your post. And if the person does no longer like it, then even if your put up is ranked in Google, after some time, Google will put off it from the rank.

If you desire to say these matters in one line, “your publish need to be written for the reason for which the person is searching”.


2. E.A.T.

The full title of EAT is Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

That is experience, proof of experience, and credibility. On Page SEO

This capacity that Google will be the first to see the writings of a dependent on man or woman with an experience.

If you have a trip and write about that then your writing fashion will be absolutely exclusive to those who have no experience.

If your writing fashion is very precise then Google likes it. Gradually if you proceed to write such accurate articles.

Then google will have faith in your other. And your internet site will rank.

This is why writing is finished in a stunning way. Just like an expert.

For example, if you write how to make Mughlai parota.

Google can function you publish if you write it nicely step by using step here. And a lot of site visitors can come from there.

3. Title

The title of the publish ought to be such that the consumer regularly searches by using typing it.

In addition, the title has to comprise a phrase that will pressure the person to click.

Google will rank your submission when you search the website. Then the title ER meta description is available.

And enlarges the title. So there must be a phrase in the title that will appeal to the person to examine your post.

At the identical time, if there is any variation in the title, then the title is properly known.

In that case, there is a greater danger of clicking.

And if your internet site receives extra clicks in Google search consequences then Google tries to exhibit your internet site to everyone.

And the internet site that has the range 1 end result of Google search has the most site visitors to that website.

On Page SEO

4. Meta Description

Meta description and Google search can be viewed under the title.

So in the meta description, you postBy coming into any associated information, traffic can click on on your website.


5. Proper use of key-word in the post

When writing a post, we have to hold some matters in the idea so that the publish ranks in that keyword.

Since Google works with laptop programming, now not humans. So you have to give an explanation for to the computer that you put up is about this.

In order for the computer to apprehend what you have written the put up about, you want to write the keyword in one of a kind way so that the laptop can without problems understand.

First of all, let me inform you that you want to install Yoast search engine optimization or different web optimization plugins for you on the internet site, and additionally if you write an article on Blogger then observe the steps below.

Below are some recommendations on how to write an article.

You need to enter the keyword in the first paragraph, however no longer simply the keyword. You have to write the keyword in a line.

Then use the keyword a few instances in the middle.
Everyone needs to write the keyword in the closing paragraph.
And one aspect to preserve in thinking is do not to write the keyword too many times. This will make Google assume you are spamming. Your internet site will no longer rank then.

The quantity of keyphrases has to be 1 to 2%. It has to no longer be greater than that.

This capability that if you write a one thousand phrase article, you can use the keyword 10 to 20 times. Not extra than that. On Page SEO

If you desire to use a keyword greater than this, you can use the LSI keyword.

LSI keyword is no longer the entire Latent Semantic Indexing.

LSI ability the keyword that you are using, how else can the keyword be called.

Learn what LSI is and how to use it.


6. Use photographs properly

It is handy to use snapshots whilst writing. So it is very vital to use pictures.

And you have to supply alt textual content in the picture. Write the keyword of alt text.

If anybody searches for the photo of that keyword, then that photograph will come up in the search. And you can get visitors from there.

When you add the photograph to WordPress to write alt text, you will discover the choice to write Alternative tex.

Also, if you put a photo in the post, then if you click on that picture, you will see an empty container for writing alt textual content on the proper side.

With that, the dimension and fantastic of the image need to be right. If the picture dimension is large, it will take a greater time to open the website. And none of us like the late opening website.

So use that photo on the website. Note that the dimension of the picture needs to now not exceed 100KB.

There are many websites online to decrease the measurement of the photograph from the place you can without problems limit the measurement of the picture. Tinypng.com will no longer be capable to effortlessly limit the dimension of the photograph through the use of this website.

There are additionally more than a few plugins on hand in WordPress that limit the measurement of the picture through installing.


7. Word length

Most of the time it is considered that Google suggests a little greater phrase articles on Google’s speedy page.

So if you write an article in greater phrases with some essential information, then the tendency to rank in Google is very high.

1800 to 2000 phrase articles rank greater in Google. So attempt to write a phrase article like this.

But one element to hold in the idea is that the article ought to be informative.

You have to no longer write the identical factor over and over once more or write whatever to make extra words.

If you can not write a 2000 phrase article, strive to have at least 1000,1200 phrases in the article. On Page SEO


8. User-friendly article

The article you write needs to be very handy to read. This will open up these site visitors to your internet site so that they can without problems locate the records in an equipped way.

For this, you can use pictures, make tables with them and write factors by means of factors so that it is handy to read.

As if sorted with information.


9. Loyalty

Loyalty is very important. Information about the article you wrote (ie the author) must be given.

This will create have confidence amongst those who will study the article. They will prefer to go to your internet site in the future.

If the person visits your internet site once more and again, then the loyalty of your internet site to Google increases.

As a result, your internet site ranks better.


10. Tag

Article T is writing about that. You can use these key phrases as tags. This is a little less complicated to apprehend Google.


11. URL

The URL needs to comprise a keyword. And this is very important.



All the above factors have been how to do web page search engine optimization and how to do it. Read different posts on our internet site for extra details. Hope you succeed. If you have any questions you can remark or observe me on the Facebook web page and chat with me at once there.

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