What is a WebSite? Creating a website and how many kinds types of websites.

What is a WebSite? Creating a website and how many kinds types of websites build a website.


We all use the net greater or much less to locate specific data online. At existing, nearly all of us have a smartphone, laptop computer, or computer. And these gadgets we have to use the Internet for specific sorts of work. To do all this work thru the internet, you ought to use one or any other website. So let’s now not understand what the internet site is basically? build a website

Website (WEB Site):

An internet site is commonly a series of more than one webpages beneath one domain. The first internet site was once created on August 6, 1991. The combination of images, audio and video internet pages, database archives, and all different statistics saved on the net server to be seen thru the area is referred to as the internet site together. All open websites are at the same time referred to as World-Wide-Web. The web page that seems to when you first enter the internet site is known as the homepage. Websites that are hosted are known as webservers. Thousands of websites are being created each and every day around the world. When we search in a search engine for an internet site on that topic, the internet site hyperlink comes up in the search results. build a website

All you want to do to create an internet site is:

  • First, you want to register an area name.
  • You want to take net web hosting then join to area tk server.
  • Web pages want to be designed or linked.
  • To make an internet site extra famous and popular, you want to put it up on search engines.
  • Input all records and records in accordance with internet site type.

What is a Web Page:

A webpage is a kind of net document. A single web page of any internet site is known as a webpage. A webpage is a file that is coded and written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language). To enter any internet page, you have to enter the precise URL tackle and cost on cellular or computer. Anyone on the Internet can keep or save information. We want to specify a URL or tackle in a net browser to get entry to any internet site or page. And this URL is the special tackle of the website.


Types of Websites / Webpages: Depending on the version in structure, webpages or websites can be normally divided into two parts: – build a website

1. Static webpage or static website.
2. Dynamic webpage or dynamic website.


Static Web Page:

A static internet site or static webpage is a webpage that suggests or shows some pre-created information. Static webpages have generally created the usage of HTML language or code.


Dynamic Website:

Dynamic websites are web pages that show up-to-date information.  The database is related to this website. Currently, the demand for dynamic websites is the highest. Dynamic websites make it convenient to sketch the best web pages and retrieve records by way of querying database usage. Such websites have greater e-commerce advantages however dynamic websites are useless for small organizations.

Types of distinct kinds of websites:


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1. Search Engine Website:

There are quite a few search engines on the internet for any information. For example, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, etc. There are many extra such websites on the Internet to add search engines to your website. However, presently the most famous and most used of the search engines is the Google search engine. build a website

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2. Social Media Website:

Currently one of the most used websites is the social media website. For example, Facebook. Because of the use of these social media websites, humans can without difficulty talk with all of us via the web and discuss every difference in video calls.

3. Personal Blog or Website:

Personal blogs or websites have a lot of information, such as text, movies, and images. Nowadays you can earn a lot of cash thru Google Adsense by using running a blog via blogs or non-public websites. Nowadays it has emerged as a very famous profession. But to make the internet site greater attractive, you should have a notion about HTML or programming language.

4. Online Shopping Website or E-Commerce Website: build a website

Currently, the reputation and demand of online buying websites are growing day by the day. As a result, humans can order merchandise from e-commerce websites whilst sitting in their purchasing shops and even get the advantage of paying the rate with the aid of getting the product in hand. Something at present

Popular e-commerce websites are alibaba.com, amazon.com, bikroy.com, flipkart.com, snapdeal.com, and daraz.com.

5. Image Gallery Website:

Thousands of pictures can be observed on the Image Gallery internet site and the pictures can be downloaded. If you want to region pix or pics throughout coding, they are created and edited in Photoshop. These websites are referred to as Image Gallery Sites (Stock Image Gallery) or Stock Image Websites. This kind of internet site is very famous with photo designers.

6. Online Tools Website:

On such websites, you can without problems trade the structure of the image, article writing, plagiarism checker, phrase to pdf, photograph to pdf, keyword lookup, and a lot more. For those who work online freelancing and outsourcing, these websites are a need to have. For example, Duplichecker, Small Seo Tools, Small PDF, Canva, etc.

build a website
Hope anybody on this web page additionally had a tremendous day! Creating an internet website and how many kinds and sorts of websites. Websites have grown to be a phase of our present-day lives. And if you favor being aware of the greater about the website, please comment.

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