Microsoft Office Application MS Office MCQs

Microsoft Office Application MS Office MCQs


It is very important for you that Gul will make you proficient in computer operation and will be helpful in various job tests. MS Office MCQs


1. Select the quick reduce key yo display Hyperlink Fields In A Word Document?
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Key
(A). Ctrl+Alt Key
(B). Shift + F9
(C). Ctrl+F
(D). None
Answer (D). None

2. Define Landscape.
(A). Page Orientation
(B). A Font Style
(C). Paper Size
(D). Page Layout

Answer (A). Page Orientation

3. Which is the Default Page Orientation Of Word?
(A). Portrait
(B). Long Sides
(C). Landscape
(D). Double Long Side

Answer (A). Portrait

4. Select from the following Is Not Available On The Ruler Of MS Word Screen?
(A). Tab Stop Box
(B). Center Indent
(C). Left Indent
(D). Right Indent

Answer (B). Center Indent


Microsoft Office Application MS Office MCQs

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5. removing useless section of an photograph is acknowledged as?
(A). hiding.
(B). Cropping
(C). ordering
(D). Cutting
Answer : (B). Cropping

6. For the middle alignment to a paragraph we can press?
(A). Ctrl + S
(B). Ctrl + C
(C). Ctrl + E
(D). Ctrl + C + A

Answer : (C).Ctrl + E

7. Select the bar is broadly speaking positioned under the Title Bar?
(A). Status Bar
(B). Tool bar
(C). Menu bar
(D). Scroll bar

Answer (C). Menu bar
8. Ctrl + B in Ms-Word used for what purpose?
(A). It converts chosen textual content into the subsequent large measurement of the equal font
(B). It applies Italic formatting t the chosen text
(C). It makes to chosen textual content bold
(D). It provides a line ruin to the document

Answer (C). It makes to chosen textual content bold

9. CTRL+W in MS Word used for what?
(A). Update the contemporary Web page
(B). shut the modern window
(C). open the Print dialog box
(D). None of these
Answer (B). shut the contemporary window

10. The house left amongst the margin and the begin of a paragraph is recognised as?
(A). Indentation
(B). Gutter
(C). Spacing
(D). Alignment

Answer : (A). Indentation

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