100+Computer Fundamental MCQ (Multi Choice Question)

100+Computer Fundamental MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


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1. Which of the following laptop language is written in binary codes only?
a) pascal
b) computer language
c) C
d) C#
Answer: b

2. Which of the following is the talent of the computer?
a) Central Processing Unit
b) Memory
c) Arithmetic and Logic unit
d) Control unit
Answer: a

Computer Fundamental MCQ

3. Which of the following unit is accountable for changing the information acquired from the consumer into a pc comprehensible format?
a) Output Unit
b) Input Unit
c) Memory Unit
d) Arithmetic & Logic Unit
Answer: b

4. Which of the following is now not a kind of pc code?
c) BCD
Answer: a

5. Which of the following phase of a processor consists of the hardware indispensable to operate all the operations required by using a computer?
a) Controller
b) Registers
c) Cache
d) Data path
Answer: d

Computer Fundamental MCQ

6. Which of the following is designed to manage the operations of a computer?
a) User
b) Application Software
c) System Software
d) Utility Software
Answer: c

7. Which of the following machines use positional notation to signify a decimal number?
a) Pascaline
b) Abacus
c) Computer
d) Calculator
Answer: b


100+Computer Fundamental MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


8. Which of the following storage is a machine the place a robotic arm will join or disconnect off-line mass storage media in accordance to the laptop working machine demands?
a) Magnetic
b) Secondary
c) Virtual
d) Tertiary
Answer: d

9. Which of the following is recognized as the interval between the immediately a laptop makes a request for the switch of statistics from a disk device to the predominant storage and the occasion the operation is completed?
a) Disk utilization time
b) Drive utilization time
c) Disk get admission to time
d) Disk arrival time

Answer: c

10. Which of the following bundle approves people to use private computer systems for storing and retrieving their private information?
a) Personal help package
b) Graphics package
c) Spreadsheet package
d) Animation package
Answer: a

11. Which of the following is a method that marked the starting of laptop communications?
a) User Environment
b) Batch Environment
c) Time Sharing
d) Message passing
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Answer: c

12. Which of the following is the first neural community computer?
a) AN
b) AM
c) RFD
Answer: d

13. Which of the following provider approves a person to log in to every other pc someplace on the Internet?
a) e-mail
b) UseNet
c) Telnet
d) FTP
Answer: c

14. Which of the following is now not a kind of pc on the foundation of operation?
a) Digital
b) Analog
c) Hybrid
d) Remote
Answer: d

15. Which of the following language does the laptop understand?
a) Computer is aware solely C Language
b) Computer is familiar with solely Assembly Language
c) Computer knows solely Binary Language
d) Computer is familiar with solely BASIC
Answer: c


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